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Deforestation and Its Causes and Effects of It By Tree Service Murfreesboro

Definition Of Deforestation

Reducing the number of forest areas and green trees worldwide is called deforestation. The reason behind it is many, like diminishing the agricultural lands, urbanization of civilization, mining in any area, etc. But the negative effect of deforestation is seen in the years 1960 first. It affects the climate, ecosystem, and biodiversity too. In the last 24 years, deforestation was approximately 1.3 million. Tree Service Murfreesboro is the best for tree removal.

Different Causes of Deforestation

Behind deforestation, there are both manmade and natural reasons. Some natural reasons are the spread of severe disease in the trees by parasites, a fire starts naturally, etc. Artificial reasons are the main reason for deforestation. FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has stated that humans have done almost 80% of the deforestation of agricultural lands in the world. The reasons are building much construction for the increasing population, dams, roads, urbanization, mining activities, etc. We make these things to ensure the benefit of humans.


The population of the world is growing every day. It is necessary to produce enough food for everyone. Otherwise, we will die starving. So, many forests and trees are cut to do agriculture on those lands. The local growth of agriculture is also responsible for it, and its percentage is 33 in the developing countries. Just imagine once! Another 40% of decoration is caused by commercial agriculture, both for livestock and crops. We need a lot of open places to grow food grains, fibers, oils, sugar, cotton, etc. Another statistic shows that 14% of deforestation happens because of livestock. Because you will have to raise them and grow food for them too, both of these need lands linked to deforestation.

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People always move to city areas rather than rural areas to get modern living facilities. It also influences deforestation, and the rate is 5%, FAO stated. By the year 2050, almost 70% of people worldwide will live in the city. The extra population needs extra accommodation and other sites. As bigger cities can be a place for many people, it causes deforestation too.

New Constructions

All kinds of constructions for humans also increase the amount of deforestation. The total rate of deforestation, in this case, is 15%. But only for the new structures, it is 10%. The new constructions include communication systems, energy generation, and transformation. All kinds of transport roads, air, rail, and sea are used nowadays to transport the vast amounts of food items.

Effects Of Deforestation on The Environment

Deforestation is a direct threat to the ecosystem of our planet. It causes so many harmful effects in our world. We will know about the impact of deforestation now:

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The most important effect of deforestation is on biodiversity. Forests are the primary source of biodiversity. Forest is the home of every animal, insects, birds, mammals, amphibians, plants, etc. In addition, many rare and weak species live in the forest safely. To be precise, the rate of plants and animals in forests is 80%. When we destroy forests, it affects the total ecosystem. As a result, natural imbalances and life threats are seen. The ecosystem is interconnected with all living beings of the world. Besides, trees are a safe source of dry, warm, or cold temperatures suitable to make the creatures’ living easy. A considerable amount of fruit grows in trees to feed many animals and other species.

Life Of the People

Around the world, 1.6 billion people get support for their livelihoods from forests. Among them, one billion are the number of poor people who live below the standard limit of poor people. It implies that so many people are dependent on the forests to survive and continue the agricultural process.

Uncertainty Of Food

The production of 52% of food is somehow affected by the erosion of the soil. If it continues like this, the growth of food grains will be less and less, and one day there will be no growth of foods in those lands.

Soil Erosion

The weak and infertile soil is the result of deforestation. The ground of forests does not have a lot of organic ingredients to grow huge crops. Besides, there are the risks of natural calamities. The tree roots hold the soil in the ground and block the sun from letting the ground dry. But with deforestation, it does not necessarily happen. That soil becomes more insecure day by day.

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Changes Of Climate 

Many people will still be surprised to know that deforestation is a solid reason for changing the world’s climate. The tropical forests can hold carbon of 210 gigatons and more. But with the destruction of the trees, it is in a risky position. As a result, the world’s temperature rises, and ice is melting in the seas. Many lower lands countries will drown in the water in the future, and issues like floods will happen frequently.

Final Words

You should consider how effective the tree removal Murfreesboro service in your area is compared to deforestation. Some areas have already turned into deserts. But still, we have not run out of options. Our thoughtful measures can save the world and fight against deforestation to grow a healthy world together!